About The Artist

 George Spyropoulos has studied Fine Arts and History of Art at the School of Arts of the University of North Dakota, Winonah State University at Minnesota, and the School of Arts of the University of Minnesota.

He also studied Byzantine Archaeology (Orthodox Ecclesiastical Painting) at the Athens Ecclesiastical School of Athens and the Athens Theological School.

Since 1992 he has worked as a painter – hagiographer and art-conservator in Greece. He has conducted both group and solo exhibitions in New York City, Grand Forks in North Dakota and Athens.

About Us

Long time Experience in Fine Arts and in the field of Byzantine Iconography, the responsible work and faith in Tradition dictates that we always guarantee the excellent aesthetic results regardless of the size or difficulty of each work in any area of ​​church Art required.

Browse through the pages, see representative samples of Byzantine icons, details of wall Murals, samples from maintenance pictures and contact me.

I am at your disposal for information and orders at the same time undertake the hagiography and religious sites and maintenance images and artwork. Good surfing!!!